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be anything they expect you to be

just that, and nothing more

16 September
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graduated with a degree in early education, which i'm not using. there's a bank account with my name on it. i own a car that i get to drive occasionally. once, someone actually referred to me as "the mute one". i'm actually not that quiet - just everyone around me are loud assholes. i like bars, i like beer (texas upbringing) and i like jukeboxes.

little brother makes me proud. aunt is a constant source of annoyance. friends are strangely understanding. i worry they've been on the receiving end of one too many concussions. there's a scar over the jawbone on the right side of my face.

early mornings in new hope, iowa are still the prettiest thing i've ever seen.


Margaret (Maggie) McIntyre and her roommate Vivian (Vivi) Gaetani fckingdemon were violently attacked by a shape shifter inhabiting the body of a friend.

After the attack, Maggie meandered without direction before being pointed toward the world of the supernatural along with Vivi.

Maggie is an original character (and therefore lame) and in no way associated with Supernatural or the actress Christina Hendricks. This journal is purely for game purposes only and is not intended to cause offense.